Puzzle Games for Kids


Puzzle Games for kids

Puzzle Games for Kids

Every parent wants their child to be excited about learning, and there is certainly no shortage of educational toys to increase their IQ level. During a little one development stages from birth to five year’s old – there are a whole host of toys out there to get their brains working and creativity flowing but of the most classic and stimulating toys out there is the humble puzzles.

Playing with noisy toys that donot exciting things but it’s also good and brilliant for fast developing children’s brains  to sit down to a old school puzzle toy and have a go at piecing all the bits together. Our pick of the most challenging and fun jigsaw puzzles, nail puzzles, Rubiks Cubes,Cryptic puzzles, Sudoku, Picross, Word puzzles and logic games to entertain and educate  tried and tested by children..


Creative educational aids..

# Develop hand - eye coordination
# Improve letter and sound recognition
# Improve vocabulary

Creative Educational Aids P. Ltd. Number Fun

# Keen observation and visual discrimination
# Eye-hand coordination
# Number recognition
# Problem solving

Creative Educational Aids P. Ltd. Alphabet Fun ABC

# Letter Recognition and their Sounds
# Visual Discrimination
# Eye-hand Coordination
# Memory
# Problem Solving

Creative Educational Aids P. Ltd. Fun with Sums - Addition and Subtraction

# This game develops the skill of observation, count and add or subtract quantities, add or subtract different numbers.
# Count and add/subtract different quantities.
# Add/Subtract different numbers that match pictures.

Vibgyor Vibes Wood Jigsaw Puzzles for Children

#6 Different puzzles, 15x15 cm; Random patterns will be sent.
#Color full and attractive images are fun for small child and toddlers.
#Easy to grasp puzzle blocks; Fully interlocking pieces.
#Random patterns will be sent; Before buying please check brand and sold by name as Vibgyor Vibes.


puzzle games for kids

Creative Educational Aids Math Puzzles - Multiplication and Division

#Visual Discrimination.
#Develop conceptual understanding of Multiplication & Division.
#To find the sum of two numbers.

puzzle games for kids

Sudoku for Kids Age 6: More Than 50 Fun and Educational Sudoku Puzzles

# Improving Their Memories.
# Critical Thinking Skills.
# Brain Development.

brain games for kids

Skill matics Educational Game: Brain Games

# Truly innovative content which is age appropriate, skill oriented.
# Skill matics reusable activity ensure kids have fun while they learning key concepts. It is also best for children to create bond between siblings & family and their friends.
# Strategising, Problem Solving, Social & Communication, Observation, Concentration Thinking out of the box, Solving Equations

puzzle games for kids

India Map Puzzles

#It contains 104 puzzle pieces.
#This floor sized jigsaw puzzle is made of finest quality.
#Motor skills devolepment cognitive skills devolepment.

puzzle games for kids

Funskool-Play & Learn India Map Puzzles

#It contains 104 puzzle pieces.
#This floor sized jigsaw puzzle is made of finest quality.
#Motor skills devolepment cognitive skills devolepment.
#Spatial skills devolepment.